The Southside Virginia Regional Technology Consortium (SVRTC) was established in 1995 with the leadership of Dinwiddie County Public Schools and a partnership with Longwood University.  The mission of SVRTC is to assist members with coordinating the acquisition and effective integration of viable up-to-date and emerging technologies, valuable training for K-12 students, staff and other citizens in our communities to enhance learning at all levels and encourage economic development in Southside Virginia.  The SVRTC partnership is comprised of 25 rural school divisions in Southside Virginia, along with the ITTIP at Longwood University.  SVRTC is partially funded through the General Assembly, with the bulk of its financial support provided by Longwood University.

SVRTC provides a mechanism for its partnering school divisions to leverage technology resources.  Additionally, it provides members a venue for monthly professional development related to technology issues.  ITTIP also places a priority with SVRTC members in providing professional development opportunities to K-12 in SVRTC divisions.

For more information about SVRTC activities, please visit their website.