It’s a Small World After All

It has been almost 3 years since ITTIP began the program, InTEL, a professional development to engage and empower students through technology and global connections, yet its impact is still prevalent in Southside Virginia – even amidst a pandemic.

Melanie Ranson, an elementary teacher from Appomattox County, participated in the InTEL program back in 2017-18, but is still forging global friendships with teachers and students around the world to connect her students. In collaboration with teachers from Turkey and India, Ranson’s class, as well as students from Turkey and India, connected to celebrate a Turkish holiday called National Sovereignty and Children’s Day. Students from the 3 countries connected via video conferencing to share and celebrate children’s different traditional dances, food, art, culture, geographical location, or things that made them happy! One of Ranson’s students commented, “I’ve learned a lot more talking with kids across the country and seeing how things are going for them with the coronavirus, then I ever could have with just a packet and not being able to talk to anyone.” 

The full story can be found on ABC News 13.