IMPRES (Year 2) Summer Activities

impres-pic2Elementary mathematics teachers from Brunswick and Sussex county were busy learning during the week of June 20, 2016.  As part of the Virginia Department of Education’s Mathematics and Science Partnership (MSP) grant, Innovative Mathematics Partnership for Rural Elementary Schools (IMPRES), teachers were immersed in hands-on learning activities focuses on the mathematics strands of Measurement and Geometry.  IMPRES is a collaborative partnership between Longwood University ITTIP, Virginia State University (VSU), Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU), and Brunswick and Sussex County school divisions.  While last year’s cohort had 25 teachers, this year the cohort had 23 teachers with over half of them returning from cohort 2 (year 2), given the program’s ongoing effort to cover all the Virginia Standards of Learning strands for mathematics K-5 over the course of three years.

In addition to the week-long, face-to-face workshop, participants will receive support in their divisions through classroom support from math coaches and math leadership teams at their schools.  They will also participate in six webinars throughout the school year, with a culminating face-to-face workshop in the spring 2017. While the grant is in year 2 of being funded, it is anticipated that the grant will be funded a third year in order to cover  the last mathematics strand of Probability, Statistics, Patterns, Functions, & Algebra