Teaching Environmental Sustainability– Model My Watershed (TES-MMW)

Project Period:  September 2014 — May 2019

Target Audience: Science Teachers in Grades 6-12

Funding Source: Partnership with Concord Consortium and Stroud Water Research Center  (Funded by the National Science Foundation: Grant DRL-1417722)

This grant is a partnership with  Concord Consortium and Stroud Water Research Center and five states (California, Iowa, Kansas, Pennsylvania, and Virginia). The project, Teaching Environmental Sustainability – Model My Watershed (TES-MMW),  focuses on a systems approach to problem solving local watershed issues through modeling and hands-on activities for middle and high school students. There is also a data collection component.

The requirements for participating in this professional development opportunity include:

  • attendance in a 3-day training the first summer;
  • two five-week online courses in the fall and in the spring; and
  • attendance in a 2-day training the second summer.

Following the first summer institute, teachers implement the new curriculum and technologies into their science classroom during the school year and refine their lessons to post on the project website.

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