ITTIP Hosts VSTE Webinar

Thursday, October 18, 8 PM: Kids Creating Games

I am an elementary grade teacher or I am a teacher educator; I teach math and science; no I am an art teacher and I work with special ed students in social studies. No matter how I may describe myself, Scratch can be infused in any content or grade level or ability.

Longwood University’s Institute for Teaching through Technology has collaborated with teachers in using Scratch in HP and national funded projects. The presentation will include why, how, and what of Scratch implementation in classrooms. Dr. Mano Talaiver from Longwood University has been working with middle and high school students to create digital games as part of a National Science Foundation funded project. They are doing exciting things with programs like Scratch. Come hear about their work!

The 2012-2013 webinars will begin at 8 PM. Our room is located here and will be open a half hour prior to each event.