Innovative Technology for Science Inquiry Scale-Up (ITSI-SU)

Project Period:  June 2010 — June 2014

Target Audience: Science Teachers in Grades 2-12

Funding Source: Partnership with Concord Consortium (NSF Grant Awarded to Concord Consortium)

ITSI-SU is a scale-up of the highly-acclaimed Information Technology in Science Instruction (ITSI) project at the Concord Consortium. The project focuses on using technology to foster inquiry-based learning in the science classroom.  Virginia teachers became part of this nationwide research project in June 2010.  A second cohort of teachers were recruited for 2011 – 2012, and a third cohort of 34 teachers for school year 2012 – 2013.

The requirements for participating in this opportunity include:

  • attending a five-day summer workshop
  • a five-week online workshop in the fall and in the spring , and
  • two-day face-to-face workshop in the summer.

Following the summer institute, teachers then implement the new techniques and technologies into their science classroom and refine their lessons to post on the project website.

For general information about the ITSI-SU project and the free activities available for all teachers, please see the following link:

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