CoMPD 2010

Receiving a Math Science Partnership grant, the Institute for Teaching Through Technology and Innovative Practices (ITTIP) and the Mathematics Department of Longwood University Cooke’s College of Arts and Sciences have partnered together to provide opportunities to enhance the knowledge and skills for forty teachers grades K-3 and 36 teachers grades 4-6. They have also partnered with the Institute for Advanced Learning and Research to provide similar opportunities for teachers of grades 7-8.

Beginning June 7, 2010, Longwood University hosted a video conference for 36 teachers of grades 4-6 from the surrounding counties. This conference was designed to improve the content, pedagogy, and technology knowledge of these teachers. It will transform instructional practices to improve mathematical learning and develop mathematical thinking in all students including students with special needs. Through graduate courses and follow ups throughout the year in the form of online classes and workshops, teachers will receive training on the new mathematics SOL standards and implement lessons using research-based mathematics strategies.

At the end of the fall workshop, four teachers will be chosen based on their merit and accomplishments during the program to attend and present their projects at the Virginia Council of Teachers of Mathematics (VCTM) annual conference.