2008 STEM Summit

The Institute for Teaching through Technology and Innovative Practices (ITTIP) at Longwood University and the Southside Regional Technology Consortium (SVRTC) hosted Virginia Competes: Envisioning the Future of STEM in K-12 Environment on April 16 and 17, 2008 on the Longwood University campus.  The two-day summit was for middle and high school teachers on day one and for guidance counselors on day two.

Middle and high school teachers got to hear renowned speakers, including Dr. Robert Panoff with Shodor Foundation; Dr. Margaret Corbitt from Cornell University; Dr. Joe Stiles, Dr. Pallavi Ishwad, and Ms. Jenda Domaracki with Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center; Dr. Margie Mason with College of William and Mary; and Bonnie Bracey with the George Lucas Foundation.  Topics included “Computational Thinking in Classrooms,” “Introducing Online Computational Tools in the 3D Internet,” “Computational Science Tools,” “Data Visualization (Math 7, Social Sciences),” and “Computational Modules in Science Teaching (CMIST).”

In addition, counselors were motivated to think about 21st century learning and living. Dr. Panoff spoke on 21st Century Workforce. Stile, Ishwad, and Domaracki discussed emerging fields of sciences and what is expected of high school students when they enter colleges and universities.

They also got to hear perspectives from higher education and industries from Dr. Ronald Kander and Dr. David Carothers with James Madison University, Dr. John Wenrich with Virginia Tech, Stan Shoun with Central Virginia Community College, Amy Harris with Micron, Joan Ozdogan with Chantilly High School Academy and Bryant Brooks with Dominion.